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The Brabant Jazz Orchestra

The Brabant Jazz Orchestra (hbJAZZo), founded in 2004, is a professional big band that has its roots in the capital ‘s-Hertogenbosch of North Brabant (NL). The musicians, all conservatory graduates, come from all over the country and they are conducted by jazz celebrity Jeroen Doomernik. The quality of this orchestra has grown through the great diversity of projects in which they’ve played all kinds of jazz-related styles, but also because of the individual qualities of its musicians.

Their repertoire is most unique and includes both modern and traditional arrangements. This is underlined by the various endorsements that hbJAZZo has with famous national and international musicians like: Eric Vloeimans, Benjamin Herman, Anton Goudsmit, Ferdinand Povel, Fay Claassen, Eric Vaarzon Morel, Deborah Carter, Ack van Rooijen, Paul van Kemenade, Mathias Ruegg (Vienna Art Orchestra ) and Joris Roelofs for example. Due to these great collabarations it’s evident that hbJAZZo has played on domestic and foreign stages. A high quality performance combined with a unique mixture of creativity and artistry are the ingredients of their success. Weekly rehearsals and tireless efforts of the orchestra provides unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Concerts & Projects: On our pages Agenda and Projecten you will find information (in Dutch) about our actual activities and projects.

Video/Sound/CD: On our page Beeld&Geluid you can find info of the kind of music we play.

Guest appearances: On a regular base we welcome different guests within the Band. Information (in Dutch) about our guest can be find on our page “De Band / Gastsolisten”.

Booking/Contact: If you’re interested in the possibilities of The Brabant Jazz Orchestra you can contact us by mail, telephone or E-mail for detailed information on our latest recording or even special requests.

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